The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Industry are proposing a new Suggested Retail Price (SRP) on imported pork after Duterte’s economics team and the Senate agreed to change tariff rates for them. imported meat products.

“Ang presyo po iba-base sa pinal na taripa (The price will be based on the final tariffs). We are doing the math and we are doing it in tandem with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, ”Agriculture Secretary William Dar said at PTV’s briefing in Laging Handa on Saturday.

Dar said the new PRS on pork and imported pork products will be announced in the coming week.

The DA had previously defined the SRP on imported pork as follows:

  • Kasim – P270 / kilo
  • Liempo – P350 / kilo

According to Dar, the SRP must be adjusted to reflect the new tariff rates agreed by economic managers and the Senate.

In discussions with the Senate, members of the economic team and the head of Agriculture Dar said they “recommend that the tariff rates of the OE (decree) 128 be adjusted to 10% in the quota and at 20% for out of quota for the first three months; and 15% in quota and 25% for out of quota for the remaining nine months. “

President Rodrigo Duterte signed OE 128 to reduce tariff rates from 5% to 20% from 30% to 40% for a year amid the negative effects of African swine fever on the pork supply.

But the senators had called for the revocation of said EO, as the reduction in tariff rates would have negative effects on local pig farmers.

“There will be a new executive decree, highlighting or mentioning taripa (the reduction in tariffs),” Dar said.

In addition to the tariff adjustments, the Senate and the economic team also reached a compromise aimed at reducing the minimum access volume (MAV) from 404,000 tonnes (MT) to 254,210 MT.

“With these two measures – MAV and lower customs duties on pork and imported pork products – [we are seeing a decline in pork prices] at a level of about 23%, ”Dar said. —LBG, GMA News

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