Amid rising fuel prices, the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission announced an increase of 35 paise per unit, or a 4.33% increase, in electricity tariffs across the state .

According to a statement issued by the commission, the electricity supply companies had asked for an increase of 185 paise per unit. The commission increased tariffs by five paise per unit and fixed charges by Rs 10-35 per unit. Thus, the overall increase is equivalent to 35 paise per unit. The new prices came into effect on April 1.

To promote green power, the commission announced a rebate of 50 paise per unit for high voltage industries and commercial high voltage consumers.

Chairman of the Commission, HM Manjunatha said: “To help micro and small industries affected by the Covid pandemic, the commission has decided to grant a rebate of 50 paise per unit on monthly energy consumption for a year”.

To ensure that manufacturing and cold storage units do not travel to neighboring states, all such units within five kilometers of the sea will be granted an additional discount of Rs 1 per unit. This is in addition to guaranteeing a maximum power load of 85% of contract demand, or 50% of normal power load plus energy loads.