To illustrate his contempt for the UN’s bias against Israel, UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan dramatically tears up a UN Human Rights Council report during a speech to the General Assembly United Nations.

“It’s still open season for Israel at the Human Rights Council,” Erdan told the General Assembly in New York on Friday.

Speech by Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan to the United Nations General Assembly, October 31, 2021 (Credit: ISRAEL MISSION TO THE UN)

Since the council was established in 2006, it has issued 142 convictions against UN member states, including 95 against Israel, Erdan told the General Assembly as he debated an annual report from the council summarizing his actions. .

This included the adoption of four resolutions against Israel. A special session was also held in which the UNHRC voted for the opening of a permanent investigation into alleged human rights violations by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank as well as within Sovereign Israel. Israel is the only country against such an open investigation.

To help put the issue in perspective, Erdan noted that the UNHRC has issued 35 convictions against Syria and 10 against Iran.

Ambassador Gilad Erdan to the United Nations General Assembly (credit: ISRAEL MISSION TO UN)

“The voices of the victims of the terrible crimes against humanity that we have already seen in the first decades of this century cannot be heard on the so-called Human Rights Council’s obsession with targeting Israel,” Erdan said.

As a result, “The suffering of the victims of humanity’s greatest crimes goes unnoticed. Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you!

Erdan said the UN had a history of anti-Israel bias and referred in particular to the infamous 1975 General Assembly resolution declaring Zionism to be racism, which was revoked in 1991.

When it was adopted in 1975, former Ambassador to the United Nations Chaim Herzog tore up the document in his address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Recalling this moment, Erdan said: “It is on this stage, in this same forum, that the very right of the Jewish people to have a national home was itself declared racist. A decision that was rightly overturned.

“A decision that the Israeli ambassador at the time, Chaim Herzog, tore up before the United Nations.

“And that is exactly the right thing to do with this anti-Semitic, distorted, one-sided report. For just like that 1975 resolution, equating Zionism with racism was in itself a crude form of anti-Jewish racism, which has no place in this international forum, so too was the obsessive anti-Israel bias of the Council of Human rights, embodied, once again, by this report, should have no place in any person concerned with human rights, security or peace.

“It’s the only place in the trash bin for anti-Semitism, and that’s exactly how we’re going to treat it,” Erdan said as he tore a copy of the report into four pieces and then walked away from the podium.

UNHRC President Nazhat Shameem, Ambassador of Fiji to the United Nations in Geneva, was in New York for the United Nations General Assembly debate.

At a press briefing with reporters later in the day, she defended the UNHRC against charges of anti-Israel bias. She also pushed back questions about the inclusion of abusive states in the 47 members of the Human Rights Council.

Shameem said, “There was no country in the world with a perfect human rights record.

“If we were to say that the UNHRC is only for countries that have not experienced any human rights violations, I’m not sure we’re ending up with anyone. “

Regarding the UNHRC debates, she said Israel has been a constructive and helpful partner when it comes to general debates.

“We have heard the voice of Israel on a number of constructive issues,” she said.

Shameem said they had 420 country-specific resolutions including 92 on Israel, but she did not further develop the UNHRC’s disproportionate focus on Israel except to state that the council had many productive conversations about many topics.