Indore: The Truck Operators and Carriers Association has asked truckers to increase tariffs by 20-25% from the new fiscal year to offset rising diesel and operating costs.
Baffled by high operating costs due to soaring diesel prices, the truckers’ association asked its members to raise tariffs and loading charges by 20-25%.
CL Mukati, President of the Indore Truck Operators and Transport Association, said: “We have asked truckers not to operate at the old rates and to increase the rates by at least 20-25% and not to operate on routes where there are no margins. There is no point in operating without being able to earn a single penny.
Truckers said they are in negotiations with companies and traders on raising prices because the old rates are no longer remunerative.
Industrial products, kirana items and agricultural products are the main items transported from Indore. In this season, the main loads come from agricultural raw materials such as
Madhya Pradesh is one of the major growers of soybeans, pulses, cotton and wheat in the country and the harvest seasons see a lot of movement of commercial vehicles from different parts of the state to major parts of the country.
Rajendra Trehan, Chairman of the Indore Truck Operators and Transport Association, said: “Operation costs for truckers have increased by around 30%, but prices are still the same, which makes it very difficult to operate, especially especially for owners of small fleets. The government should have limited the rise in fuel prices, as this has a cascading effect.
Transport stakeholders have estimated the daily movement of trucks from Indore, a major trading, trading and agricultural hub, at around 4,000 to 5,000 per day. TNN