Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh made the comment in response to the US State Department’s annual reports on human rights practices released on Tuesday, saying that the publication of repetitive reports and baseless would give no legitimacy to such reports.

The spokesperson added that it is clear that no one can expect the US government, which is addicted to lies, to tell the truth and the existing realities.

“Therefore, the biased, politically charged and indiscreet nature of the report is clear and obvious to all and to the Iranian nation,” Khatibzadeh noted.

He said that the history of the US government is filled with wars, coups, aggressions, assassinations, kidnappings, economic blockades and killings of innocent people in different parts of the world, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Khatibzadeh added that the US government is the main violator of human rights and therefore is not in a position to talk about lofty concepts such as human rights.

He noted that the United States was shedding crocodile tears for the Iranian people at a time when its own crimes against Iranians, including the shooting down of an airliner, the provocation of its internal lackeys to assassinate people and officials over the past decades, and efforts of all means to deprive the noble people of Iran of their basic rights remains in the memory of Iranians.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson noted that the unilateral coercive measures of the United States, including illegal economic sanctions, are a clear example of economic terrorism against the Iranian people and constitute the main obstacle to the import of medicines. vital for Iranian patients, which themselves have resulted in a violation of the rights of the Iranian people.

He described the US regime’s claims as hypocritical and aimed at achieving illegitimate political goals.

Khatibzadeh pointed out that the direct order of the then US President to cowardly assassinate General Qassem Soleimani, who was the champion of the fight against terrorism in the West Asian region, perfectly reveals the terrorist nature of the United States. United.

He added that the US government was turning a blind eye to gross and systematic human rights abuses in the country and among its vassal allies.

He also noted that everyone has repeatedly seen how racial discrimination against minorities and African Americans occurs in the United States in a systemic and large scale, which in itself has led to mass protests. from blacks and other citizens of the country.

Khatibzadeh further noted that the unbridled police brutality and killing of black citizens in front of people’s eyes reveals the US government’s anti-human rights approaches and, more sadly, the US response to such human rights violations. rights has only been actions of demonstration, indifference and inattention. .

The spokesperson finally noted that Iran, in accordance with its own humanitarian laws and international obligations, has always tried to realize the rights of the great Iranian nation and promote real causes such as the real rights of the male.

Such baseless and hypocritical statements and reports will not undermine the will and movement of the Iranian government and people on this path to build a dear and proud country in accordance with its own religious and national values ​​and principles, he concluded. .

The US State Department, in its April 12 annual report, once leveled baseless charges against Iran such as “arbitrary arrest or detention” of political activists, “denial of trial fair public”, as well as “politically motivated retaliation against individuals located outside the country.”

Iran has repeatedly warned against the exploitation of human rights as a tool of pressure by Western countries.