Kenya Railways Corporation has announced new tariffs as it seeks seamless connectivity from freight transfer to Naivasha inland container depot, from Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) to Old Meter Gauge Railway (MGR) ).

The company has announced plans to offer end-to-end rail delivery to the Ugandan ports of Jinja and Port Bell via ships from Kisumu port, and the direct main line via Naivasha-Malaba-Kampala, which is ready to operate. .

The charge for containerized freight from Kilindini to Malaba will be $ 860 (Sh97,180) for a 20ft container weighing 0-30 tons and $ 960 (Sh 108,480) for a container over 30 tons.

On the other hand, the transport of a 40-foot container weighing 0 to 30 tons will cost $ 1,110 (125,430 Sh) while one weighing more than 30 tons will cost $ 1,260 (142,380 Sh) via the SGR network. -MGR.

The same tariffs apply for the transport of similar goods from Kilindini to Kisumu.

“The integration of the SGR and MGR lines will significantly improve the flow of goods from the port to the hinterland serving Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and parts of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, ”said KRC Managing Director Philip Mainga.

“The link that underpins smooth and efficient rail transport along the Northern Corridor will soon be realized. ”

Transporting a 20ft container weighing up to 30 tons from Naivasha to Malaba will cost $ 350 (39,550 Sh) and $ 450 (50,850 Sh) for a container over 30 tons.

A 40ft container weighing up to 30 tons in the same direction will be charged $ 460 (51,980 Sh) while above 30 tons will cost $ 610 (68,930 Sh) on the MGR network.

The tariff announcement came as SGR continued in November to record higher performance in cargo evacuation, especially on imports from the port of Mombasa.

During the month of November, Afristar, the SGR operator, ran 237 trains from the port of Mombasa to the ICD in Nairobi.

This evacuated 22,384 Twenty Foot Equivalent (TEUs) of containerized cargo and 143,014 tonnes of conventional var cargo which included wheat, fertilizer and clinker.

During the same period, Afristar transported from Nairobi ICD to Mombasa 1,478 TEU of exports and 14,596 TEU of empty containers.

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