QUETTA: Government and civil society representatives at a workshop at its closing session discussed a draft human rights policy and finalized recommendations to be incorporated into a revised policy.

The consultative workshop was organized by the project “Promotion of Human Rights in Pakistan (Huqooq-e-Pakistan)” (HeP) funded by the European Union in collaboration with the Human Rights Department of Balochistan . The program was part of a systematic, methodical and inclusive policy development process that integrates provincial priorities with international best practices.

Representatives from over 20 government departments attended the workshop in addition to civil society representatives from the Pakistan Human Rights Commission (HRCP), Aurat Foundation, several United Nations agencies and ‘other.

During the workshop which ended on Thursday, participants had an overview of the draft policy which was followed by a presentation of recommendations from the various stakeholders.

Guided by the Constitution and in accordance with Pakistan’s international human rights commitments as stipulated in various international human rights instruments, the objective of the draft human rights policy is to integrate human rights into provincial governance structures in order to protect and promote all civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights to which the people of Balochistan are entitled.

Recognizing their specific needs and the unique challenges they face, the policy is particularly aimed at protecting the rights of vulnerable segments of the population, including women, children, minorities, the elderly, people with disabilities and transgender people.

Abdul Rauf Baloch, provincial secretary for social protection, special education, literacy, non-formal education and human rights, described as a great achievement that the “first human rights policy of Man ”from Balochistan was in its final stages.

He thanked the HeP team for their support and said the policy would provide basic guidelines and direction for the future action plan of the provincial government.

“The protection and promotion of human rights is the priority of the current government. After incorporating the comments, the policy will be presented to the provincial government, ”he promised.

In his welcoming remarks, HeP Project Executive Director Ali Dayan Hasan said the purpose of the consultative workshop was to present the draft policy to all stakeholders and get their detailed input on each section.

“HeP is proud of the fact that this is a province-led and controlled process and that it will strengthen Balochistan and the values ​​enshrined in the 18th Amendment,” he said.

Posted in Dawn, le 12 June 2021

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