OMUTHIYA – Omuthiya City Council has approved a decision to increase water tariffs by N $ 2 for fiscal year 2021/2022 to offset the likelihood of NamWater’s planned adjustment.

The tariff increase will see residents fall into the low income category, paying N $ 17 per cube.

“The current rate for our low income category, city consumers, reception area (Kaniita), and cabin dwellers’ federation is currently N $ 15 per cube, which means we are charging them below the fee. by NamWater. Medium and high-rise residential areas are now charged N $ 20 per cube to compensate NamWater and subsidize the poor, ”city mayor John Ndeutepo said. He said the increase took effect earlier this month.

Previously, middle-income and high-income residential areas were billed N $ 19 per cube, while the water utility charged N $ 17.65 per cube.

“During the previous fiscal year, no price increase was made in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. However, in the current budget, the tariffs have been reviewed and changes have been made, hence the adjustments, ”added Ndeutepo.

On the bright side, the mayor said the council has already started crediting consumers, who have been overcharged due to a rate and tax error since October of last year.

He said the rectification started in June.

“Those who paid more are credited with the excess amount, and this process has already started – and it continues until everyone has been helped,” he said.

Residents rose up after rates and taxes were increased by nearly 80%, leading some to pay between N $ 500 and N $ 800 on top of the original amount. According to the city council, this was caused by a bad evaluation entered into the system.

Water leveling

In addition, the mayor said the council had budgeted N $ 6 million to build an elevated water reservoir to address water pressure issues in some of the taller extensions. This acclaimed project will be a relief for residents, who would spend days without running water in their homes due to the low pressure, especially when there is a problem with the NamWater Canal.

“Omuthiya currently relies on NamWater for the city’s freshwater supply. On several occasions, NamWater has failed to secure an adequate supply. Therefore, the council has made it a priority to examine and study the local water resource with the aim of developing it for drinking and agricultural water supply, ”he said.

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