NEW YORK: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Friday (local time) that the Taliban must respect human rights for the sake of international recognition and support.
The UN chief made the statement while outlining his priorities for 2022 at the General Assembly in New York, Tolo News reported.
António Guterres, referring to the issue of Afghanistan and human rights in the country, said that respect for the rights of women and girls and human rights in general is necessary for the Islamic emirate is recognized and also obtains international support.
“It’s absolutely critical for them as part of their goal of recognition, but also as part of their goal of gaining international support for their own people, it’s absolutely critical to fully respect the rights of women and girls and to have a positive approach to human rights in general,” he said.
Women’s right to work and girls’ right to education are two key issues that the international community has set as part of the conditions for recognition. Following the collapse of the former government, secondary schools for girls remained closed in most parts of the country.
US special envoy for Afghanistan Thomas West said the international community would pay the salaries of Afghan teachers if the Islamic Emirate reopens all girls’ schools in the next school year, Tolo News reported.
The UN chief also spoke about the world facing a five-alarm global fire that requires the full mobilization and support of all countries, Tolo News reported.
“I want to start the year with five alarms – on COVID-19, global finance, climate action, anarchy in cyberspace, and peace and security,” he said. “Now is not the time to just list and lament challenges, now is the time to act,” he added.